February 2014


Found this at a store. Loved the quote. Loved the colors. Stay tune for the transformation of my sewing/bedroom. It is going to be great!

Simplicity 2512 … Success!


As much as I enjoy finding wonderful free sewing patterns online, especially on my all time favorite website and probably my biggest weakness, , sometimes a good ole bought pattern is rewarding too.

Well over a year ago, (I am sure) I bought this Simplicity pattern hoping to sew pretty skirts!

And I am finally getting around to sewing ONE pretty skirt.


I tend to be like that, buy lots and LOTs of fabrics or patterns. Then months and sometimes years down the road I find a use for them. :) The skirt pictured above is no exception. The main skirt fabric I purchased probably close to two years ago! At my local fabric store…. Wally World or some call  it Wal-Mart!

Now comes the exciting part!!

The black fabric you ask, where did I purchase that?

Can I get a drum roll?  Please?



No, don’t clean your glasses! Yes, it IS  a rather large, not so attractive black dress. I was shopping … well… you know the drill a long time ago…. at a neighboring “city”. My sister and I ALWAYS stop at the Goodwill stores. I happened to find this for around $4.00 and thought…. LOOK AT ALL THAT FABRIC!! Bought it with no looking back.

I think it worked out rather nicely for this skirt. And I have black fabric to spare. Added Bonus!


Any good story is not complete with a few mishaps.

I would like to introduce you to my friend…….


…. The Seam Ripper….

It will be making more appearances through out my blog, that is a promise.

I can not end on that note. Why not another look at the skirt?


“The simplest things bring ME the most Joy

Tea for Two!


The other day my niece came over for a visit after school. Thinking I should make the visit special (because I promised I would) my mom suggested… Tea for two… or well Shirley Temples for two!

I love doing all things with as little expense as possible, so here is my spin of turning “junk” to beauty.

Using random items around the house tea for two began to take shape. For the table cloth I went to my fabric stash and picked a solid light tan fabric. I do have to say it was “meant” to be, it fit PERFECT! The brown napkins… errr… I mean brown place mats, I dug in the dresser filled with all the “special occasion” napkins and linens. We usually use them for Thanksgiving, but a six year old won’t remember that.


Above is the tea, cold, fizzy, red, and with a hint of cherry… “Tea” a.k.a. Shirley Temple. The cups are from a grandmothers past which we are lucky enough to say find there home in our cupboards.

Next up…. in the words of my Grandma Ermie… It is time to have “a little lunch”


Personally the picture tells the story. I mean what little girl and “big” girl would not love mine sandwiches with flower shaped cheese on top!!! Oh! and the flower toothpicks courtesy the cake decorating section of the house. You know that area that holds all the random food colorings, candles, cupcake papers and ….. flower toothpicks for on top of cupcakes.

Also, there seems to have been a red food coloring thief in the area!?  Who is out of red food coloring in ALL of the food coloring boxes!?! … maybe me….

 Always save the best for last….. that we did!


Strawberry Shortcakes in wine glasses. Now that is fancy!

Who every said you have to drink tea at a tea party!

Duck Dynasty Wisdom

The key is to realize we are the reel, Jesus is the lure, and God is in control.

Jase Robertson

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