The past weeks I’ve been  busy packing to move into my very own place.  A place I can call home. I am counting down the days left until the big move. I have found life hasn’t been balanced through the last weeks. As soon as routine and activities that bring my life into balance are disrupted….CHAOS!!! …..hits.  Here are some simple ways I stay balanced.

1. Faith, Prayer and God

This is number one because it is the  most important. If I miss one day I can tell. If I miss more than two days my whole life, attitude, composer, outlook, and calmness goes out the window as quickly as this {snap}.

2. Hobbies. Sewing. Crafting.

On some occasions my hobbies create stress, but other days they release me of daily tensions. Funny how that is, isn’t it?

3. Walking                                                                    

Some people say running relieves stress. I can’t get over the people who run. All ages!! Nothing against runners, but honestly it just isn’t “me”. Something about walking. That moment of being outside, the fresh air, being alone. Oh it is just wonderful! This then brings me to number 

4. Nature                                                            

God has blessed us with nature, why not enjoy it?! With fall quickly approaching the changing of seasons makes nature something very special. I love to see the leaves change colors and the air turns a cool crisp. To me nature is God’s way of plugging into each of us and recharging our battery!

5. Goals                                   

Goals can mean long term or short term. It really depends on the person. I am a short term goal person. I well lack in patience. I need to work on that.

Disclaimer:  I found these writings in my “draft” folder. My blog writing has let say … been slightly ignored the past weeks or rather months!!! Sigh. Like life I pick myself up and try to continue on. I will once again tell myself “Kim, you will do better. Just pull yourself up out of the ashes, the mistakes, the lack of discipline and continue on.” I believe God tells us the same. He values our attempts! Never has He asked me to be perfect!.

So like always I will continue on and try to embrace life’s blessings. I will continue to fall, make mistakes, but receiving those blessings in the moment they are the best received. :)