The last couple weeks have been: Crazy. Hectic. Insane. Nutso or one could say busy. I have failed at keeping up with my Blogging101 and Writing101 courses. Thankfully we are not graded on them. :)

So even though every one else are probably on day umm…. one moment as I look in my notebook….. Day 15 or 16. I am sadly on Day 6 or 7. Life does go on and yes we still can complete these out side of the time given. Right? (maybe I am just kidding myself)

When writing I MUST (heavy emphasis) have a few key components like:

1. Music. There has to be some sort of noise going on in the back ground or I will lose focus. Seriously, will loose focus like instantly.

2. Comfy Space. Currently this is my bed. It might sound slightly strange, but laying back and typing away is so much more enjoyable then sitting at a cold, stark desk.

3. Functioning equipment. Recently I bought a keyboard for my Kindle. THE best idea ever. And I bought a very handy device to download my pictures from camera to Kindle. Super pumped about this. Brace yourself for more photos! :)

It is basically as easy at 1. 2. 3. when it comes to my writing atmosphere. Lastly I will leave you with a photo of my writing space.


Please ignore my mess. Between sewing projects, daily tasks, and getting back into blogging, my bed is less than neat looking.

Remember always let the simple things run your life. When life gets nuts and busy, don’t stress yourself out, do the things necessary – the simple things. All the rest will be waiting patiently for you when life returns to a normal pace.