Meal Planning. What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

In a few weeks I will be officially flying the coop. It still seems unreal, that I will no longer be living under the same roof as my parents! I must admit I am nervous and excited.

Today I decided to sit down and begin meal planning. I hope I am cut out for this!  A friend told me once 100% of people move out of the house and survive. I think my odds are pretty good. :)

Day one of meal planning:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

As always, simplicity brings the greatest JOY. I must remember this while I meal plan. Simple and delicious meals bring every one including the cook the greatest joy.

Monkey Business! (Monkey Cupcake Tutorial)

A few weeks ago it was bazaar season in my  parish. Each year we are asked to bring some item to the bazaar to help defer expenses. This year was MY year. When I say MY year, I am referring to the fact that I was asked to bring cake walk cakes or cupcakes.

SCORE!!    My insides went….. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! :)

After the initial excitement, reality ALWAYS has to set in. “You work 40 hours, it is bazaar weekend, so the grocery store (my occupation) will be busy, you will have no time, energy, creativity left!”  I quickly pushed it aside and spent “some” time on Pinterest.

The last time I was asked to bring cakes I opted for really sweet, cute, adorable owls.

This year, well this year I went for  monkeys!



Isn’t that little monkey so cute!?!

The tutorial for these cute little guys came from a cute website by the name of  Skip to My Lou. (click on the link to see her tutorial)


I realize that I am missing and have a few extras in my “cast”. So ignore the white frosting gel and pretend that is a box of Runts. :) You know that candy that is shaped like different fruits!? Oh and add a box or two of cake mix. ;) (remember I had NO time, so boxed cake to the rescue!)



Cupcakes. Blah. Boring. Cupcakes.

Oh! But they can be transformed into… something well…. non- boring!


My monkeys look slightly different.

First Change: I ended up using all orgianl sized vanilla wafers. My local grocery store does not have the mini wafers, and because I am ALL about shopping local and supporting the businesses in small town America. I decided against the mini wafers. Personally, I believe they look just as cute.

Second Change: I nixed the idea of decorating all of the cupcakes to look like monkeys. So I had a brilliant idea half way through decorating. Brilliant, because I thought of the idea, of course. ;)  The addition of candy banana Runts.


Are not the banana Runts a nice addition?!


Over all I believe the kiddos who brought these monkeys home from the bazaar where…. happy.


Never forget, it is the simplicity of life that brings the happiness we are all dreaming for.


PS. Forgive me for the poor quality of my pictures quickly shot them with my phone.

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