An Apple a Day …


… keeps the doctor away.

Often, we miss the blessings right under our nose. I am guilty of this just as much as anyone else. My parents have three apple trees and they are FILLED with apples.  My cup runneth over.  … with apples. They are filled on the trees and the ground has plenty wind falls to fill every canning jar in the tri-state areas. (okay the last one might be stretching it)

This is something not to be cursed, hated, or ignored, but rather something to praise, thank, and see the blessing.

Tonight I realized, that two ice cream buckets of chopped apples, do not equal 7 quarts of apple juice.

Did I get upset?     .… Slightly.

Did I grumble?     .… Yes.

Was I disgusted?    …. Most diffidently.

Is there good in this experience?


The blessing. The blessing of something so good! Apples. Nourishment. Fruit.

An apple a day does keep the doctor away! :)


Simplicity. Happiness. The “popping” noise of jars just taken out of the canner. True, simple happiness.


Let the Gardening begin!

I starting my gardening season on March 20th this year. In past years, I have started my seeds indoors around the 15th of March, but it seems each year the plants are big and hearty and ready to be in the ground around the first of May. The first of May in Nebraska is not ready to see warm loving tomato plants in its ground. It has been known to snow in May! (Some days I wonder why I live here) So this year I decided to wait a few more days and see if it helps.

Before you are able to plant your seeds in the seed starting containers, you have to prepare the dirt the day or night before.

This year I used two bags of this All Purpose Organic Starter Mix, nothing fancy found it at my local Wal-mart.


To this I mixed in one bag of this Jiffy Seed Starting Mix (found at Wal-mart also)


It should look something like this:


Add enough water to make the dirt moist, but not too wet. Let it set over night so it absorbs all the water.

The next morning you are able firmly but gently pack the trays with dirt.


Making sure you fill them to the top. Last year I found that I did not pack full enough and the dirt settled leaving the wholes only partly filled in some places.


After all the dirt is in place, you are ready to plant the seeds. I use a tweezers because the seeds are so small, plant two seeds per spot and follow the package directions for depth.

I have found heat mats and grow lights are the only way to go. It gives the right amount of heat and light to keep the plants happy. You can purchase them at any store that has gardening supplies.

And the exciting part….. Three – five days later….

IMG_20140324_111540  IMG_20140324_111551

Tomorrow I will post a picture of what these plants look like today!

Happiness comes from simple times, when people worked and saw the fruits of their labors. And the labors did not make them richer with money, but richer in love.


Day 9 – Composting

Today with the temperature looking to be in the mid-60s, I can feel the excitement of spring in me. So today I made my walk down to my garden plot to imagine what my summer garden will look like. Oh, the dreaming has begun…

…. Reality check… my dreams always show a weed free garden….

Reality…. my garden WILL have its fair share of those pesky weeds…. sigh….


This brings me to day 9. I am thankful for my compost pile!


Isn’t it beautiful. ;)

Although, my compost pile has not produced any good black dirt…. yet. I am still thankful for it. I am hoping this next growing season I will be able to figure out the right combination of brown and green material.

 I will come back to this topic this summer. Keep your fingers crossed…. a picture of rich, black dirt will make its way on my blog. :)

Oh! And the compost bin came from an issue of Mother Earth News. One of my all time favorite magazines! Super easy. Old pallets, steel post, and hog panels mix them all together. Walla a compost bin.

Simple = Happiness!

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