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Oh, Glorious Fall!

Fall is quickly approaching. This means it is time to pack away my summer decorations and create something fall-ish for my front “porch”. I say “porch” because I live in an apartment… we don’t have such luxuries as porches. ;)

On Monday I did some searching through my pinterest boards, and found a pin that I LOVED!!

Thanks to Myra at my blessed life I was able to create some festive fabric pumpkins. Click Here for the tutorial. Myra deserves all the credit! Her tutorial is easy to follow and the pumpkins are simple to make! Her fabric pumpkins are…. gorgeous! :)

Here are my pumpkins!



My all time favorite. Somehow I got a nice shot of it! (I am no photographer)


As always. Keep life simple. Even crafting.
For the simple things in life will be the greatest blessings which bring the most joy!

Headbands, headbands & Headbands!

I have been SUPER behind on my baby gifting projects. I love to give baby gifts to anyone I remotely know, because who doesn’t love giving gifts?! I usually like to give out handmade baby quilts, but my supplies is down and do to the lack of motivation to replenish my stock, I decided to look for alternative ideas.

Let me introduce you to the super fast, easy and creative …. Baby Headbands!

IMG_20140405_174705 (1)

I would love to say I came up with this idea myself, if I did I would be lying, and lying is bad.

This pattern along with the instructions at the below website:

Click on the French Pouf (circle) with button.

Some additions to the above pattern.

Addition #1 : I used an old small yogurt lid (when yogurt still came with lids, yes I save things, don’t judge, :) ). The lid I used to trace around to give me a perfect circle, and I just used a fabric marker to trace around it.

Addition #2 : When I folded the “sides” of the circle inward to make the circle triangularly shaped I used a small amount of hot glue near the point to glue the folds together. I found after my first attempt you need to do this other wise when you glue the “circle triangle” in the center hot glue dot the circle with just unfold and its a pain and a mess.

Additions #3:  For the headband part, I just purchased some from Hobby Lobby, I am sure any craft store that has the headband/hat making section will have these handy headbands in lots of great colors!


They are super easy. What I love the most is how creative you can get and how each one looks completely different. Even though I have mounds of brand new fabric that is calling my name to be cut into. These flowers though are a great way to use up some of the overflowing scraps that we tell ourselves, “Don’t you dare throw that away! You could use it for something else! Don’t waste perfectly good fabric!” … Well, I hope others tell themselves that. Please tell me I am not the only one who says that to myself.

Believe me I did not stop at the above two… Oh No … I made two more…

This yellow polka dot one has a layer of lace between two layers of regular fabric.


I really love this next one. The fabric I am currently using to make a skirt for myself, but I had some scrap fabric left and thought why not!


Enjoy making your little girls beautiful!

It’s will always be the simple things that make us happy!




Day 7 - Fabric Delivery!

Want excitement? Send fabric in the mail! I am not sure why it is so exciting, but there is just something about new, freshly cut fabric wrapped in that plastic wrap. It screams….. CRAFT ME!!! Make me into something wonderful! :) These pretty prints are destined to be aprons.

Simplicity 2512 … Success!


As much as I enjoy finding wonderful free sewing patterns online, especially on my all time favorite website and probably my biggest weakness, , sometimes a good ole bought pattern is rewarding too.

Well over a year ago, (I am sure) I bought this Simplicity pattern hoping to sew pretty skirts!

And I am finally getting around to sewing ONE pretty skirt.


I tend to be like that, buy lots and LOTs of fabrics or patterns. Then months and sometimes years down the road I find a use for them. :) The skirt pictured above is no exception. The main skirt fabric I purchased probably close to two years ago! At my local fabric store…. Wally World or some call  it Wal-Mart!

Now comes the exciting part!!

The black fabric you ask, where did I purchase that?

Can I get a drum roll?  Please?



No, don’t clean your glasses! Yes, it IS  a rather large, not so attractive black dress. I was shopping … well… you know the drill a long time ago…. at a neighboring “city”. My sister and I ALWAYS stop at the Goodwill stores. I happened to find this for around $4.00 and thought…. LOOK AT ALL THAT FABRIC!! Bought it with no looking back.

I think it worked out rather nicely for this skirt. And I have black fabric to spare. Added Bonus!


Any good story is not complete with a few mishaps.

I would like to introduce you to my friend…….


…. The Seam Ripper….

It will be making more appearances through out my blog, that is a promise.

I can not end on that note. Why not another look at the skirt?


“The simplest things bring ME the most Joy

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