Five Simple Steps to Bring Balance

The past weeks I’ve been  busy packing to move into my very own place.  A place I can call home. I am counting down the days left until the big move. I have found life hasn’t been balanced through the last weeks. As soon as routine and activities that bring my life into balance are disrupted….CHAOS!!! …..hits.  Here are some simple ways I stay balanced.

1. Faith, Prayer and God

This is number one because it is the  most important. If I miss one day I can tell. If I miss more than two days my whole life, attitude, composer, outlook, and calmness goes out the window as quickly as this {snap}.

2. Hobbies. Sewing. Crafting.

On some occasions my hobbies create stress, but other days they release me of daily tensions. Funny how that is, isn’t it?

3. Walking                                                                    

Some people say running relieves stress. I can’t get over the people who run. All ages!! Nothing against runners, but honestly it just isn’t “me”. Something about walking. That moment of being outside, the fresh air, being alone. Oh it is just wonderful! This then brings me to number 

4. Nature                                                            

God has blessed us with nature, why not enjoy it?! With fall quickly approaching the changing of seasons makes nature something very special. I love to see the leaves change colors and the air turns a cool crisp. To me nature is God’s way of plugging into each of us and recharging our battery!

5. Goals                                   

Goals can mean long term or short term. It really depends on the person. I am a short term goal person. I well lack in patience. I need to work on that.

Disclaimer:  I found these writings in my “draft” folder. My blog writing has let say … been slightly ignored the past weeks or rather months!!! Sigh. Like life I pick myself up and try to continue on. I will once again tell myself “Kim, you will do better. Just pull yourself up out of the ashes, the mistakes, the lack of discipline and continue on.” I believe God tells us the same. He values our attempts! Never has He asked me to be perfect!.

So like always I will continue on and try to embrace life’s blessings. I will continue to fall, make mistakes, but receiving those blessings in the moment they are the best received. :)

Meal Planning. What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

In a few weeks I will be officially flying the coop. It still seems unreal, that I will no longer be living under the same roof as my parents! I must admit I am nervous and excited.

Today I decided to sit down and begin meal planning. I hope I am cut out for this!  A friend told me once 100% of people move out of the house and survive. I think my odds are pretty good. :)

Day one of meal planning:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

As always, simplicity brings the greatest JOY. I must remember this while I meal plan. Simple and delicious meals bring every one including the cook the greatest joy.

The Waiting IS the Cross

Reading. I enjoy reading when the book captures my attention … instantly!  Most days I wish, hope and maybe even pray that this instant attraction to reading a book would happen, always. Could it possibly happen that very book I pick up, the love would be there? Sadly, reality is that rarely happens, but when the connection between me and the book – the book and me — Greatness happens! :) A few months ago this wonderful experience happened. I ordered a load of books from Amazon. I think I had a strange itching to create a library. Or I was in a strange buying mood. Honestly, truth be known, I have no idea what came over me. I did indeed buy book after book. One must understand (I’m sure by reading my blog) I am not a smutty, modern day “popular” book reader. You would never find such books on my night stand. So if the book is the craze of every friend on Facebook and social media, that will not be the book I buy. I love books that inspire me, bring simplicity back to my life, make me think, challenge me, and deepen my Faith. My Sisters the Saints – A Spiritual Memoir by Colleen Carroll Campbell did exactly that. It made me think. Reconsider my life. Look at the meaning of life and pay attention to where God is leading me. Today I was flipping through the book, I tend to be a frantic highlighter in books that inspire, but this book was different. I came across one highlighted portion that once again reminded me of the meaning of living and the goal of Heaven.

“The waiting IS the cross” …….that the waiting, the not knowing, even the interior desolation and doubts — that was the suffering that Jesus wanted me to offer up to Him. Maybe the prayer Jesus wants in the dark times is not the petition or inquisition but one of simple surrender to the Father’s will, the same prayer that Jesus himself offered from the cross.” 

So often I get to the point of anger at God. I begin to rationalize that yelling at Him may just get me the answers that I have been praying for, or rather begging. Sadly, those actions are the complete opposite of where He is leading me or wanting of me. So the next time that I become discouraged and unsure about my life, my purpose, under what bushel basket He has hide the love of my life, I will step back and surrender and thank God for the cross. The cross of waiting. 

My Sisters the Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell

I recommend this book for all women. young or old. married or single. career driven or not. It is a great testament of God’s providence and how the saints in Heaven truly do guide us here on earth.

If you are interested to learn more about the author Colleen Carroll Campbell or her book visit her website. HERE.

To be truly happy, we must embrace life’s blessings those blessings are found every where, even in books. :)

Fall Turned into Winter.

I have not figured out why time must be everything but slow. I mean it can whiz, fly, flash, and blink by. If any of you are like me, you still have beautiful fall photos in the camera. Fall photos that have not made it on the blog. (close your ears as I scold myself… again)

Fall photos that you had just HIGH hopes.  Sigh.

Between you and I, we will pretend that … well…. it isn’t a week until ….. well… you know that one holiday.

The one with the big round guy…..

Christmas. :)

So, please no laughing.  Here is a little fall in your winter.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The above photos I actually sent through a photo editor. I did a Google search and found PicMonkey.

The following are unedited fall photos later in the season.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And for giggles this is what it looks like outside today!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Remember life is always about embracing the blessings of today and enjoying every simple moment. Those are the moments that bring us the most Joy.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


“If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.”  Habakkuk 2:3

Bedroom/Sewing Room Project – The Basket.


My mom instilled in me from little on how fulfilling it is to be thrifty. It showed me the happiness that can come from little and big things. Money does not equal happiness.

You could probably go on to say, we were a pinterest family, before pinterest was even dreamed up. You know before that time people thought it was “cool”. Long before this crafting and junk hunting craze. :)


A few months ago, my sister and myself were attending a local household auction and found this rather unique basket.  It was bless with function and character. Double bonus!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I am in the process of re-doing my room which also works as my craft room too. So I figured a couple bottles of spray paint I will have the perfect splash of color in my room!

First I decided to prime it, like any thrifty person I went searching through the stash of half used cans of spray paint.  No need to point out that it took probably three “cans” of paint to finish. Oh, the frustration having a full can of spray paint that will NOT spray! Talking nice to it, shaking it up and down, nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even a sputter.

Oh yeah… I said there was no reason to point that out.  :)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And one with the lid open!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Now for the exciting part!!


Who seriously in their right mind does not love a splash of color!?!

Drum Roll……….

Ta DA!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Something wonderful is about to happen!

That something wonderful… is embracing life’s blessings. Allowing the little things in life bring me the most happiness. Don’t allow people to define your happiness. No, rather allow the small blessings, the simple things, let them define happiness.

Simple things like painting a basket. :)

I Knew You Were Trouble….

How many times in our lives do we ignore the still, small, quiet, and whispering voice? More times than any of us care to admit. Am I right? I know personally I rarely take full notice of the voice until …. after the fact.

For me the whispers come when choosing relationships. Instead of following my gut, listening to the whispers from Him, whom loves me very much. Oh, and acknowledging the red flags under my nose, I choose very boldly to push those all aside. I usually believe that “I” know best. Why must we be like that? Why do I have to act in that way?

Something beautiful, beautifully crafted by Him who yes loves me … some thing called … Free will.

I have a love/hate relationship with the out come of my bold/ stupid decision to ignored the silent voice. It never fails. when I’m laying in that heap of sadness, because my way didn’t work. We all know that feeling if we are honest. And in that despair, I will proclaim, “Next time I will NOT ignore the still small voice!” This determination and commitment sadly disappears as quickly as it came to be.

Isn’t free will wonderful?

A couple days ago while driving home from work, I found myself flipping through the radio stations. This very rarely happens more like never happens.


Yes, everything happens for a reason. You see the few days prior I was struggling with past “garbage”. Rewind a year and half ago, there were many whispers I should have paid attention too. Our Loving Daddy is such a loving Daddy that He never stops the nudges, He just tries a different approach, so His precious children see the light.

That day in the car I came to the realization and made the choice to let go. Forget and let go of that “garbage”. To accept it as what it was and to learn from it, and move forward.

The song you ask that came over the radio?  I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift

It was so strange  such a blessing, because the song spoke directly to my heart. The moment was perfect, not to early and not to late. Perfectly planned.

From the song:

No apologies. He’ll never see you cry,
Pretends he doesn’t know that he’s the reason why.
You’re drowning, you’re drowning, you’re drowning.
Now I heard you moved on from whispers on the street
A new notch in your belt is all I’ll ever be
And now I see, now I see, now I see

He was long gone when he met me
And I realize the joke is on me, yeah

Well the joke is no longer on me. I will embrace my today, my now. I am happier today.







Remember, life is the happiest when we enjoy the simpleness. Sometimes that means being 27 and single. Having your heart stepped on more times that you care to express.  And realizing you are the one holding onto the past. It is time to let go.

The beautiful can come from it, that embracing life’s blessings are possible.

Freedom. Something Beautiful.

Freedom what makes life “perfect”. Sometimes, freedom only comes when we make the choice to no longer live in the past. Faith tells me to let the past year die away, to no longer live in the shadows of what was, but rather live for today and what is…

When we do that, that is when something beautiful happens, something I call freedom. 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Always embrace what God gives us today. The simpleness of today brings the biggest smiles. :)

Monkey Business! (Monkey Cupcake Tutorial)

A few weeks ago it was bazaar season in my  parish. Each year we are asked to bring some item to the bazaar to help defer expenses. This year was MY year. When I say MY year, I am referring to the fact that I was asked to bring cake walk cakes or cupcakes.

SCORE!!    My insides went….. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! :)

After the initial excitement, reality ALWAYS has to set in. “You work 40 hours, it is bazaar weekend, so the grocery store (my occupation) will be busy, you will have no time, energy, creativity left!”  I quickly pushed it aside and spent “some” time on Pinterest.

The last time I was asked to bring cakes I opted for really sweet, cute, adorable owls.

This year, well this year I went for  monkeys!



Isn’t that little monkey so cute!?!

The tutorial for these cute little guys came from a cute website by the name of  Skip to My Lou. (click on the link to see her tutorial)


I realize that I am missing and have a few extras in my “cast”. So ignore the white frosting gel and pretend that is a box of Runts. :) You know that candy that is shaped like different fruits!? Oh and add a box or two of cake mix. ;) (remember I had NO time, so boxed cake to the rescue!)



Cupcakes. Blah. Boring. Cupcakes.

Oh! But they can be transformed into… something well…. non- boring!


My monkeys look slightly different.

First Change: I ended up using all orgianl sized vanilla wafers. My local grocery store does not have the mini wafers, and because I am ALL about shopping local and supporting the businesses in small town America. I decided against the mini wafers. Personally, I believe they look just as cute.

Second Change: I nixed the idea of decorating all of the cupcakes to look like monkeys. So I had a brilliant idea half way through decorating. Brilliant, because I thought of the idea, of course. ;)  The addition of candy banana Runts.


Are not the banana Runts a nice addition?!


Over all I believe the kiddos who brought these monkeys home from the bazaar where…. happy.


Never forget, it is the simplicity of life that brings the happiness we are all dreaming for.


PS. Forgive me for the poor quality of my pictures quickly shot them with my phone.

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