Today, I realized it has been months since I made a post to my blog. I had an “ah-ha” moment. Social media is great and all, but honestly I love the quiet, unassuming role of blogging.  I am able to talk, ramble, vent, and put all the thoughts that go through my mind on “paper” and having no clue who my audience is.

You. My audience are strangers. And that is what I love. I have no one to try and impress, because well honestly, I will never meet you. Our paths will probably never cross. Happiness. (Wonder how many followers I have. hmmm)

Something about “anonymous” audiences. We (or well I) become not so …. lets impress the world… lets make myself look like super woman. Rather, it becomes something beautiful and beautifully flawed.

So I hope in the days, weeks, months, years ahead, my blogging world will become more frequent. And no so hit and miss or shall I say…. Procrastination central. :)

As always.   God blesses us not in booming and loud ways, but rather he blesses us in the silence, the simple things, those are the days and times that  bring us the most Joy.