Oh, Glorious Fall!

Fall is quickly approaching. This means it is time to pack away my summer decorations and create something fall-ish for my front “porch”. I say “porch” because I live in an apartment… we don’t have such luxuries as porches. ;)

On Monday I did some searching through my pinterest boards, and found a pin that I LOVED!!

Thanks to Myra at my blessed life I was able to create some festive fabric pumpkins. Click Here for the tutorial. Myra deserves all the credit! Her tutorial is easy to follow and the pumpkins are simple to make! Her fabric pumpkins are…. gorgeous! :)

Here are my pumpkins!



My all time favorite. Somehow I got a nice shot of it! (I am no photographer)


As always. Keep life simple. Even crafting.
For the simple things in life will be the greatest blessings which bring the most joy!

Titles Give Us Glimpses of Who We Are

Day two of the Blogging 101 questions really get my mind thinking.

I wish I could sit here and compose an entry that explains how daily I embrace life’s blessings. Unfortunately, my blog, my title has nothing about always succeeding at embarrassing the blessings, but rather it focuses on my attempts. These attempts are sometimes successes and some are complete failures, but this is what makes life interesting. In these times both good and bad I always most of the time go back to what I love…. Simplicity.

The above paragraph was all that was saved from a glitch in my computer this morning, when I was putting the finishing touches on my entry. God works in mysterious ways. The paragraph is simple and to the point! Praise God.

I will embrace this blessing. Simple is always the best! :)

Introductions Please….

Hello everyone.

I am a twenty something, youngest child, Midwest Nebraska girl: who blogs to find peace and serenity in my life. Also, I use blogging to document and share the simple but fun things – activities, projects, spiritual growth and yummy food – of my life. It’s my way of sharing my passions without the judgmental glances of familiar faces.

You will find each post is nothing close to complicated (I hope). I am about simplicity I. How I cook, sew, and pray. One thing will be the constant thread – simplicity and embracing life’s simple blessings. My eyes those simple blessings bring the most joy.

My hope is you will tag along with me for this blogging adventure journey. I hope simplicity will spill over into your life! :)

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