Today with the temperature looking to be in the mid-60s, I can feel the excitement of spring in me. So today I made my walk down to my garden plot to imagine what my summer garden will look like. Oh, the dreaming has begun…

…. Reality check… my dreams always show a weed free garden….

Reality…. my garden WILL have its fair share of those pesky weeds…. sigh….


This brings me to day 9. I am thankful for my compost pile!


Isn’t it beautiful. ;)

Although, my compost pile has not produced any good black dirt…. yet. I am still thankful for it. I am hoping this next growing season I will be able to figure out the right combination of brown and green material.

 I will come back to this topic this summer. Keep your fingers crossed…. a picture of rich, black dirt will make its way on my blog. :)

Oh! And the compost bin came from an issue of Mother Earth News. One of my all time favorite magazines! Super easy. Old pallets, steel post, and hog panels mix them all together. Walla a compost bin.

Simple = Happiness!