Reading. I enjoy reading when the book captures my attention … instantly!  Most days I wish, hope and maybe even pray that this instant attraction to reading a book would happen, always. Could it possibly happen that very book I pick up, the love would be there? Sadly, reality is that rarely happens, but when the connection between me and the book – the book and me — Greatness happens! :) A few months ago this wonderful experience happened. I ordered a load of books from Amazon. I think I had a strange itching to create a library. Or I was in a strange buying mood. Honestly, truth be known, I have no idea what came over me. I did indeed buy book after book. One must understand (I’m sure by reading my blog) I am not a smutty, modern day “popular” book reader. You would never find such books on my night stand. So if the book is the craze of every friend on Facebook and social media, that will not be the book I buy. I love books that inspire me, bring simplicity back to my life, make me think, challenge me, and deepen my Faith. My Sisters the Saints – A Spiritual Memoir by Colleen Carroll Campbell did exactly that. It made me think. Reconsider my life. Look at the meaning of life and pay attention to where God is leading me. Today I was flipping through the book, I tend to be a frantic highlighter in books that inspire, but this book was different. I came across one highlighted portion that once again reminded me of the meaning of living and the goal of Heaven.

“The waiting IS the cross” …….that the waiting, the not knowing, even the interior desolation and doubts — that was the suffering that Jesus wanted me to offer up to Him. Maybe the prayer Jesus wants in the dark times is not the petition or inquisition but one of simple surrender to the Father’s will, the same prayer that Jesus himself offered from the cross.” 

So often I get to the point of anger at God. I begin to rationalize that yelling at Him may just get me the answers that I have been praying for, or rather begging. Sadly, those actions are the complete opposite of where He is leading me or wanting of me. So the next time that I become discouraged and unsure about my life, my purpose, under what bushel basket He has hide the love of my life, I will step back and surrender and thank God for the cross. The cross of waiting. 

My Sisters the Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell

I recommend this book for all women. young or old. married or single. career driven or not. It is a great testament of God’s providence and how the saints in Heaven truly do guide us here on earth.

If you are interested to learn more about the author Colleen Carroll Campbell or her book visit her website. HERE.

To be truly happy, we must embrace life’s blessings those blessings are found every where, even in books. :)