As much as I enjoy finding wonderful free sewing patterns online, especially on my all time favorite website and probably my biggest weakness, , sometimes a good ole bought pattern is rewarding too.

Well over a year ago, (I am sure) I bought this Simplicity pattern hoping to sew pretty skirts!

And I am finally getting around to sewing ONE pretty skirt.


I tend to be like that, buy lots and LOTs of fabrics or patterns. Then months and sometimes years down the road I find a use for them. :) The skirt pictured above is no exception. The main skirt fabric I purchased probably close to two years ago! At my local fabric store…. Wally World or some call  it Wal-Mart!

Now comes the exciting part!!

The black fabric you ask, where did I purchase that?

Can I get a drum roll?  Please?



No, don’t clean your glasses! Yes, it IS  a rather large, not so attractive black dress. I was shopping … well… you know the drill a long time ago…. at a neighboring “city”. My sister and I ALWAYS stop at the Goodwill stores. I happened to find this for around $4.00 and thought…. LOOK AT ALL THAT FABRIC!! Bought it with no looking back.

I think it worked out rather nicely for this skirt. And I have black fabric to spare. Added Bonus!


Any good story is not complete with a few mishaps.

I would like to introduce you to my friend…….


…. The Seam Ripper….

It will be making more appearances through out my blog, that is a promise.

I can not end on that note. Why not another look at the skirt?


“The simplest things bring ME the most Joy