Bedroom/Sewing Room Project – The Basket.


My mom instilled in me from little on how fulfilling it is to be thrifty. It showed me the happiness that can come from little and big things. Money does not equal happiness.

You could probably go on to say, we were a pinterest family, before pinterest was even dreamed up. You know before that time people thought it was “cool”. Long before this crafting and junk hunting craze. :)


A few months ago, my sister and myself were attending a local household auction and found this rather unique basket.  It was bless with function and character. Double bonus!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I am in the process of re-doing my room which also works as my craft room too. So I figured a couple bottles of spray paint I will have the perfect splash of color in my room!

First I decided to prime it, like any thrifty person I went searching through the stash of half used cans of spray paint.  No need to point out that it took probably three “cans” of paint to finish. Oh, the frustration having a full can of spray paint that will NOT spray! Talking nice to it, shaking it up and down, nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even a sputter.

Oh yeah… I said there was no reason to point that out.  :)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And one with the lid open!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Now for the exciting part!!


Who seriously in their right mind does not love a splash of color!?!

Drum Roll……….

Ta DA!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Something wonderful is about to happen!

That something wonderful… is embracing life’s blessings. Allowing the little things in life bring me the most happiness. Don’t allow people to define your happiness. No, rather allow the small blessings, the simple things, let them define happiness.

Simple things like painting a basket. :)

Who doesn’t love shoes!?

This summer I have three weddings and Easter is a week away. I have been in a desperate mode to find clothes and shoes that will look good on me and will not draw attention to my non-tan body.  Who gets married in May in Nebraska anyways!?

And then… I fell in love with these shoes….


Yes… I bought all three pair … and yes I needed all three pair… Well maybe to the last statement. I probably didn’t “need” them, but that’s beside the point.

Three pair of dress shoes for around $37.00, I couldn’t go wrong.

How did I do this you ask? …. Payless, on sale, free shipping, and an online coupon.

I love bargains!!

Now the search begins for a tall male date to drag along to the weddings.

Ready set… SEARCH!

Money doesn’t buy happiness, saving money does. ;)


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